Hi, I'm Hetu.

Writer. Tech Enthusiast. Traveler. Photographer. Thinker. Story Teller. Student of life.

I use many things. Here are a few of the most used ones that I like. All are the best bang for buck.[1]

  1. This list keeps updating as my needs change and/or I find better options.

  1. Hardware
  2. Mac Apps
  3. Browser Extensions
  4. iPad Pro 9.7 Apps
  5. iPhone Apps
  6. Web Services
  7. My website’s backend


Mac Apps

Browser Extensions of Safari

iPad Pro 9.7 Apps

iPhone Apps

In addition to the iphone counterparts of the ipad apps, I use the following apps specifically on my iphone.

Web Services

Website Backend

This website is designed, coded, produced and maintained by me. The site is generated using Jekyll and is hosted free on Github. The domain is registered at godaddy. I use MailerLite to send posts to email subscribers. You can subscribe here.

I don't like site-comments so that won’t be happening here. If you would like to discuss something with me you can contact me directly. Just click here.

I am always eager to hear back from you. Feel free to contact me.