Hi, I'm Hetu.

Writer. Tech Enthusiast. Traveler. Photographer. Thinker. Story Teller. Student of life.

The best way to reach me is either one of the following:

I am always open to further discuss about topics I have written about.
Also, If you think I am an interesting guy and would like to chat with me, go ahead. Shoot an email about a random topic. I am always looking to discuss random topics. If you think I would be interested in something. Tweet me. Email me. Text me. Don’t hesitate. Just don't spam/troll me. I hate wasting time.

There is a 90% probability I will respond to you in less than 24 hours, 99.99% probability that I will respond within 1 week. If it has been longer than that and you haven't received a response, be assured I have heard you but decided to ignore you.

I am always eager to hear back from you. Feel free to contact me.