Hi, I'm Hetu.

Writer. Tech Enthusiast. Traveler. Photographer. Thinker. Story Teller. Student of life.

The URL is supposed to be read as Hetu’s net 1.

The symbol in the favicon and permalink is an asterisk. I chose it primarily for two reasons. First because it is generally used to represent something abstract. Something much more than can be articulated succinctly in the present scenario. Also, I liked the fact that it varies in shape, size and font-weight as the font type changes. It just acts as humans. Reacting differently under different external parameters.

Currently I am an undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee pursuing Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering.

  1. net as in net, Internet, and/or dragnet

This is my personal website, a weblog if you will. I write whatever catches my eye, is on my mind, fancies me, tickles my fancy... you get the point. Anything.

But generally the topics will revolve around Technology, Photography, and Travel.

The category of Tech is a huge umbrella. I consider anything that makes human life better as technology. Fire is technology, but just not as young as say computers. The 21st century has captured the term and dedicated it to the field of computers. But not me.

Photography is something I have enjoyed for a long time. There is something magical in the way a photo captures static version of the subject - a blend of the physical body and its qualities. Photos give an opportunity to stop time and reflect upon subject's state of being at the moment of its capture.

I love traveling. Every aspect of it. Different foods, people, culture, weather, vibes. So much to take in. I am always looking for opportunities to be on the road. If you know of an opportunity, do let me know.

You can follow me on instagram at @hetuashara.

Anything. I am a voracious reader. I read a lot. That makes me think about a lot of topics. And this place is for me to streamline my thoughts and present it to myself and others.

Oh yes. And I also draw comics. In my drawings all the living beings are stick figures, all the lines are slant and skewed, and circles odd shaped ovals. The message of the comic is important, right? Right.

I am always eager to hear back from you. Feel free to contact me.