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03 July 2016

Stuff to read

  1. The other side is not dumb - A good reminder to not try to humiliate ones with a contradicting opinion by being a sanctimonious arrogant.
  2. Bait and Switch: The Failure of Facebook Advertising - Facebook wants money, any money. Even the ones from fraudsters.
  3. Ground Control To Silicon Valley - Reporter writes about tech-billionaires and their visions for our future that they discussed at the Code conference. As the real power shifted to the oil, metal ore, and train producers some 150 years ago, I think we are going through a similar shift and this time the lords are the tech-billionaires.
  4. How Technology Social Media Hijacks People’s Minds - An ex-google design employee goes into details about how the modern social networks get their hooks into unsuspecting users. The below quoted line is the one that should be drilled into people’s mind.

    increasing “time spent” is the currency they compete for.

  5. Why people pay to read The New York Times - Many insights into today’s media business.

    Why should a news consumer lean forward to consume, and pay for, your journalism when so much is available for less money, or worse, for free?

    We need to get much better at telling our own story. We journalists hope the work speaks for itself. But in a cacophonous world, where stories whiz by on Twitter and Facebook, we need to tell our readers that we are special. That our stories have value.

  6. Archiving Our Online Communities - hi.co is shutting down but doing something incredibly new and unique in its wake to preserve the things they published. tldr - They will print all the published articles on the website, including photos, on a small fire and salt-water resistant metal plate that will survive more than ten thousand years, and can be read simply using an optical microscope.

  7. The Internet Economy - A look at how the top technology companies are placed on the chessboard or rather, to use the author’s better analogy, which station on the railway line they are.

  8. The Ingenious Way Iranians Are Using Satellite TV to Beam in Banned Internet - Information and capitalists always find ways to circumvent.

  9. Photo journalism goldmine

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