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My Trek of Nag Tibba

19 February 2015

Note : I was going to write a full blown article of the trip but then decided against it. Let us be honest you are just interested in the pics. So I decided to create a photo journey thing. Also, this page has a lot of images, 30 to be precise. I have kept the resolution of images as low as possible thus making the image sizes small so that it doesn’t bog down your browser. If you are on a slow internet please give time for the images to load. If you would like to see bigger images then just use the zoom buttons of your browser.
All images have been edited to varying degrees.

I went back-and-forth trying to decide the proper preposition for the title. Should it be trek of Nag Tibba or trek to Nag Tibba. You see the reason I was/am in confusion is because the path of trek itself is called Nag Tibba and the end of the trek is the Nag Tibba temple.
Anyway, let’s dive into the photo journey.

The scheduled time of departure from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee campus was 3 AM1. I reached the place at dot 3 but this is what greeted me.

Absolutely no one. The place was dead silent with an early wintery morning cold and silence. After some worrisome minutes of thinking the trip was cancelled at the last moment for some unknown reason, my fellow trekkers started to arrive. Well, that meant the trip was happening but it meant one other thing. The waiting for others, the waiting for bus to arrive, the time it would take to load the luggage meant we were going to be late by atleast two hours. It didn’t take much to fill up the boot space of the minibus. The next resort was to tie up the remaining cargo at the top. We took the route that went via Dehradun and Mussoorie. We took a tea break at this place. When have you seen a sparrow last? I haven’t in a long time. The starting point of the trek had a small vegetable shop. The photo doesn’t do justice to the hugeness of the sizes of these vegetables. Just half an hour into the trek and we were greeted by this amazing view of the valley. It was fun playing hide and seek with the sun along the trek. Backpack v/s the trek. The lush slopes of the mountains were a treat to watch. The beauty of the scenery was amplified by the complete silence of the wild, only disturbed by the heavily beating heart. It was like heart, back and legs were doing all the work at every step and eyes were reaping the benefits at every sight. We reached the camp site just at the start of the golden hour. Best to get clicking. It was one of the best sunsets I have seen in a while. The after sunset sky had a glow of its own. The closeness of the tent meant only one thing. The conversations at night would span across tents !! Eating a dinner of an ounce of aloo-subji, a dash of pickle and just four rotis by a camp fire, after a day’s trek, has its own sweet taste. Staying a night below a pure darky sky is beautiful and enlightening at the same time. The morning mountain Sun brings its own palette of colours in the morning. I wore this shorts with me through the entire trek - early morning 7 degree Celsius two hour waiting at IIT Roorkee campus, higly perspirating day trek, what seemed like a definite -2 degree celsius night in and around the tent and the snow trekking. Shorts are the most comfortable wearables created. Comfort trumps everything. If you are lucky you may see a wild animal. If you are half-lucky you may have to do with a foot-print. After reaching the Nag Tibba temple, a select few of us continued our trek upwards through a snowy mountain. If you ask me, this was what made the entire trek a full blazing awesome. On our way down, we traversed the same path. So the scenic views were the same but heh who’s complaining? On the way back, the bus had to halt for about half an hour and wait out the landslide rubble to clear out. But that meant more photo clicking opportunities. The dinner was at this place. The food was decent enough or atleast I thought so after the state of hunger I was in, for both - food and more adventures like this in the future.

  1. 31st January 2015 


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